The Trinity River

The Trinity River is an undiscovered gem of Dallas that’s hiding in plain sight.

The Trinity River is an underutilized asset that will transform and unite our city.

The Trinity River is a vast and untapped resource within Dallas. With the largest urban hardwood forest in the nation and thousands of acres of outdoor space, Dallas residents have a beautiful and unique ecosystem right in their backyards. Because of Harold Simmons Park, residents and visitors will have more access than ever before to beautiful natural landscapes for walking, biking, picnics, and more. The Conservancy is proud to be the stewards of this project and to work with Dallas residents to make the vision a reality.

The park is at the center of Dallas and the river is at the center of the park.

"Take Me to the River"

It's an amazing river. Explore it!

A Trinity Park Conservancy Project. Please visit

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